About first100users.com

About first100users.com

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You want simple, actionable and easily-measured ways to get you first 100 users. And turn those users into activated users, and then paying customers.

Welcome to first100users.com

100 ideas for your startup's first 100 users.

All simple, mostly free, and with step-by-step instructions so you can create a backlog of ideas to test and review.

Start browsing ideas right now at first100users.com.

Who are you?

I'm Olly, a freelance digital marketer for early stage and scaling startups. I've helped 10,000s of startups get their first 100 users through first100users.com. I've listed these ideas to share my insights, experience and ideas with founders.

🍗 I also run roastmylandingpage.com - a service to turn more visitors to your landing page into customers.


What is a user?

For the purpose of simplicity, I use this terminology:

  • Visitor - someone who visits your website
  • User - someone who visitors your website and signs up to your product or service
  • Customer - someone who signs up and pays for your product or service

Can I submit an idea?

Yes. Click here to submit your suggestion.

Do you accept sponsorships?

Maybe. If you’d like to sponsor first100users.com and think you have a relevant, useful product or service for early stage founders please contact me here.