Build a tool or micro-site



Idea: engineering as marketing

Build a new asset (tool, calculator, document maker or other, see below) that solves a problem for your user. Distribute it, generate leads, and drive users of the tool into your product.

What types of assets can you build?

  • Calculator
  • Microsite
  • Game
  • Idea generator
  • Database of benchmarks
  • Directory of links
  • Quiz
  • Plugin
  • Browser extension
  • Maker: video, image, document, profile picture

  • Analyser
  • Report
  • Public dashboards (allow your users to share their metrics publicly)
  • Any other type of tool
  • Collection / swipe file*
  • Knowledge Base*
  • Template directory*

*May also be considered content marketing

How is the asset different from my product?

The asset can be built from scratch, or can be deconstructed from your existing product.

Promoting your project

Your new asset can be promoted using all the ideas on the first100users.com website. In many cases your idea is more likely to get traction because engineering-as-marketing ideas are often shareable, valuable and free.

Examples of engineering as marketing

Here are some examples of unique engineering-as-marketing assets created by leading startups:

Llama Life’s fidget spinner game

ilo’s public user dashboards

MicroAcquire’s SaaS valuation calculator

Brandbird’s Christmas Santa Hat profile picture maker

Versoly’s landing page collection

Shopify’s domain name generator

VEED’s screen recorder tool

Click and Speak’s international phonetic alphabet microsite

Mangools search volatility checker

Pitch’s directory of presentation templates

Clearbit’s free weekly visitor report

Reply’s email subject line generator

HelpKit’s Notion table generator

Presently’s gift picking quiz

Milkvideos free podcast audiogram creator

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