Case Study: Design Joy's $60,000 MRR from community outreach

DesignJoy is an all-inclusive design service founded by Brett Williams. Leading startups use his service for creative design work for websites, apps, decks, and ads. Design Joy is now generating $60,000 MRR.

But how did Brett acquire his first customers? The answer: almost exclusively through communities.

Brett regularly shared his progress on indiehackers.com, a well-known community for indie makers (who happen to also be his target persona).

What Brett didn't do was spam the community. Instead, he replied to questions, shared insights from his own journey, and created a narrative that people loved, as well as a service that people needed.

In fact, Brett has posted 1000s of high-quality comments on the indiehackers community, which you can see here and below:


Where to post for community outreach

Many successful founders attribute community outreach to early validation and first customer acquisition. Common community platforms for posting and discussing SaaS businesses include:

  • Facebook Groups
  • Linkedn Groups
  • Quora
  • Product Hunt
  • Hacker News
  • Subreddits

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