Monitor and reply to community conversations


Potential buyers are talking about the problem you solve. You just need to find them Monitor communities and (when relevant) reply to conversations and introduce your product. Use a tool to monitor 1000s of communities and get real-time alerts.


How to: use Syften to monitor 100s of communities

  • Sign up to https://syften.com free
  • This will track conversations on:
    • Hacker News / IHers / Facebook Groups / Product Hunt / Reddit / 100s more
  • Monitor relevant phrases including
    • #YourCompany
    • #CompetitorName
    • Similar to #CompetitorName
    • Alternative to #CompetitorName
    • "How do I #ProblemYourProductSolves"
    • Example

    • For roastmylandingpage.com I would monitor "Increase my landing page conversion"
  • The tool will alert you when someone posts with you monitored phrases
  • Reply, offer value, gracefully mention your product




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