Free to paying

You want 100 paying customers. Of course you do.

But how are you going to achieve it? You’re going to need about 110,000 landing page visits


Benchmarks based on industry averages - these figures vary by audience, niche, product and how good you are at marketing

Terminology explained

  • Visitors - a new person landing on your landing page
  • Sign up - the number of people who complete your sign up flow and give you an email
  • Activated - the number of people sign up and who use your product meaningfully (something you have to define - both the functions and frequency)
  • Conversion to paid - the number of free users who convert to paid

Ask yourself the following questions:

🍑 How can I get more visitors to my landing page?

That’s why I created first100users.com - check out 100 different ideas to get visitors to your landing page.

📊 How can I increase my landing page conversion?

Use my service roastmylandingpage.com obviously. This turns more visitors into sign ups.

💪 How can I activate more people who sign up?

This means turning people who sign up into people who use your product in a meaningful way. The majority of people who sign up for your SaaS will never log back in - yes, really. So you need to do everything you can to activate more people.

25% increase in user activation brings about a 34% increase in MRR over a year. So increasing activation is critical. Here’s loads of ideas for increasing your product activation.

💰 How can I convert more free trial users to paid users?

Some super-smart advice is coming soon.