Set up a referral scheme


Idea: Set up a referral (affiliate) scheme

Reward your existing customers, influencers, industry thought leaders and other brands for referring new users to your product. You can reward them with a commission (money), free credit, or swag for each sign up.


Note: the best way to generate word-of-mouth referrals is by having an amazing product, but referral schemes are a good way to keep your product front-of-mind and to trigger sharing.

How to: a step-by-step guide

  • The simplest (and most common) way to run a referral scheme for SaaS is to offer your referrer 30% commission on any revenue from customers they refer
    • If your customer pays £15/month, your referrer earns £4.50/month
    • Normally this is paid for the first year, or until the customer churns
  • Use a tool like Rewardful to setup your scheme
    • This will give your referrers access to:
      • A dashboard to manage their account
      • Tracked links so their referrals are correctly identified
      • Ads and marketing messages (for your referrer to share)
      • Reporting to track performance: link click, sign ups, conversion to paid accounts
  • Reach out to your loyal customers and influencers of your buyer and invite them to your scheme

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