Launch again and again and again



What? Launch multiple times Launching your product once is beginner behaviour. Instead, group together major product changes into new launch announcements, promote and interact with them.

Example of multiple launches

Gabe Ragland from Divjoy made almost $100,000 in 2021 with his React codebase generator. One of his techniques? Multiple launches shared on Twitter to grow awareness. Here’s some of his (many) launch tweets.

How-to: a step-by-step guide

  • Group together multiple product changes into new launches
  • Announce those launches on your social accounts, Gabe focused on Twitter
  • Reply to that announcement mentioning anyone who helped with the launch
    • For example the team that worked on an integration with you
    • See Gabe’s ‘a big thank you to....’ tweet
    • Gabe says: “Divjoy has the advantage of new launches being an integration with another company, so by the time I launch I'd generally have had a few calls with the company and feel comfortable asking all my contacts there to ‘support the launch’. For a few we had a shared Slack channel which is nice cause a chunk of their team would be in there. Often I'd have twitter DM convos going with a few of their engineers”
  • Drive discussion on the post from other places - for example your mailing list and existing customers
    • Gabe says: “I'd also email the Divjoy mailing list and customers and specifically ask them to drop questions and retweets on my launch tweet. Drive everyone to the tweet to get it to trend as much as possible”
  • The key here is to treat the launch as its own milestone and work hard to amplify it
  • Rinse and repeat

Launching your product is not something that happens just once, it should happen again and again. You can see from my product hunt that we have launched many times with new features and versions.

Sabba, VEED

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