Send social influencers swag in the post

Send social influencers swag in the post



Idea: Send social influencers swag in the post

Post swag directly to influencers, and hope that they share pictures and video online, driving awareness and followers for your social channels.

How-to: a step-by-step guide to

  • Identify accounts your buyer follows on social channels like Twitter and LinkedIn
    • The tool Sparktoro can help you identify people to reach out to
    • You can also use the 'People' filter on Twitter Search
    • Consider checking their timeline to see if each person has previously shared swag
  • Send them a message and ask them for their address - "I want to send you a little something"
    • As with all outreach, keep your messages short and sweet
  • Send them some swag - focus on things that make for good, visual social posts
    • That means items that photograph well, or look good, or can be used in videos
    • You can package and send items directly
    • Or use a service that bundles and sends for you
  • Hope and pray that the influencers shares your swag, tags you, and ideally tries your product
    • Share and RT any posts they make
    • Now you have a warm(er) relationship, reach out to the influencer and ask if they were able to use your product

Note: You can't demand or expect your influencers shares unless you are prepared to pay them

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