Sponsor or collab with a nano influencer



Idea: sponsor a micro influencer

Pay, gift or promote an influencer in return for them sharing your startup with their followers. Influencers with loyal followings can drive high conversion rates. In the early stages focus on influencers with a small but engaged following.

Where are these influencers?

They could be on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

Does influencer marketing work for B2B?

Actually, yes. You’re not going to find many B2B influencers with millions of followers, but our aim here is to focus on people with small, engaged audiences. A good example of this? Founders building in public.

Steps to secure an influencer sponsorship

  • Decide what you can offer the influencer
    • Is it swag, payment, promotion, or free or early access to your product?
  • Identify potential influencers
    • Start with your existing advocates! Customers, fans, partners
    • Tools like Heepsy, Easybloggers and Followerwonk can help you identify people
    • A quick user search on each platform is a good way to familiarise yourself with influencers
  • Review their engagement
    • Look for a small following - 1,000 to 5,000 followers / subscribers
    • Look for strong engagement - likes and comments
  • Reach out and confirm
    • Most influencers are now aware of sponsorships and collabs
    • Introduce your product and explain what you want and can offer
    • Agree the promotion
  • Review performance
    • Review how your influencer post or content performed - views, likes, comments
    • Give the influencer a tracked linked so you can record clicks, sign ups and conversion

Examples of influencer outreach

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